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Interesting thread. I'm pretty good at googling and I can find no published statistics to indicate the benefit of the use of these, even in publications by bodies such as the BSIF who, one would think, would have a vested interested in using any statistics to strengthen their point. The RIDDOR statistics for last year show 27 incidents of workers hit by moving vehicles. I can't easily find how to delve further into these to discover if the use of hi-vis was recorded as part of the reporting data.

Bikers seem to think that they are going to be forced to wear hi-vis, but none of their forums seem to have any evidence other than anecdotal, most of them referring to the "ExSp33db1rd" effect as noted above.

I have worn one when on a motor bike in recent years and when on a building site or roadside, and also at the local scrap yard (sorry - recycling centre) that insists on them now, as it seems reasonable to do so and saves arguments with H&S numpties but, as I suspect the OP feels, I have been riding motor bikes, working on building sites etc. for 50 years previously without one and I'm still here.

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