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About a year ago I had an aerobatic aircraft hangared at a small field in South Africa. There was a general rule that airside people had to wear high viz vests, except for pilots and passengers.

So one afternoon I turned up for a flight, wearing my flight overalls, and was denied access to airside by security. They insisted that I had to either wear a vest, or prove I was a pilot. Well, I was wearing my flight overalls, carrying my parachute and headset, but to keep them happy I showed them my licence. Well, that wasn't good enough! According to security, all pilots had to wear black pants, white shirts (I fly a radial engined aircraft!), with epaulettes and wings. According to the head of security, this was on the written instructions of the airport manager, and was a new measure introduced to combat terrorism. They refused to recognise my licence, said that anyone with a printer and scanner could make a licence document. Apparently terrrorists can't obtain black pants, white shirt, epaulettes and wings.

After about 10 minutes of arguing with security, I walked out the small airport building, walked in through the unguarded open gate next to the building and went to my hangar.
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