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Stick him in a Red Bull alongside SV, that will get the best out of both the cars all season long
Not exactly an Alonso fan here either but there is no doubt he's an incredibly gifted driver and I am pretty sure that in the other RBR car he would give SV a much better run for his money than he is currently enjoying
Obviously coming 5th behind his older and supposedly slower team mate in 2nd place as well as another rival in an even more obviously slower car in 4th place has rankled some
Most in the UK understand what happened this year though.
This about JB.
In just two years, he's usurped Hamilton as McLaren's golden boy and he's been rewarded with a new 'multi-year' contract. His interest in the people around him has an empowering effect and you sense these guys would walk over hot coals for their new - shhh, say it quietly - number one.

Lewis is more aloof when he enters the room and you sense the tension. Memories of the Korean GP, when he failed to thank the team after taking pole position, are still fresh. Mechanics worked round the clock to get his car turned around between Suzuka and Yeongam, and it touched many a tired nerve when Lewis didn't acknowledge that over the radio.

Even if Jenson still lacks Lewis's ultimate one-lap pace, he's outwitting his team-mate in every other department.
Some appear to have missed the difference is that with Vettel where there are obvious team orders it is a different environment to McLaren where both drivers enjoy the same equipment and a lack of team orders.Yet the younger and more fancied (until now) finished well behind his team mate.It looks like JB is showing who is more reliable.If you want to see a dummy spit watch next year if JB once again finishes ahead of Lewis.

I think the best situation would be for Webber to be in a team which does not have a favourite as well as Ferrari to have a competitive car for Alonso as well as Kimi (if he is still as quick as he once was) in a similar car with Lotus Renault.If Lewis can emulate Jenson and the McLaren is fast out of the box then Vettel will have a fight on his hands.

If AN does design another class leading car then it will be another case of follow the leader with Vettel doing the leading at least until McLaren and the others have played catch up once again in the second half of the season.
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