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From what colleagues described to me, the previous full-time contracts were very impressive indeed, including the ability to work 70(?)% roster & still take home a good whack.
In these sh1tty times we live it was obvious A- this wouldn't last & B -Unions would slow down but not terminate the rot.
Anyone not believing this was (regretably)the future of Norwegian only had to look at the [email protected] being offered to FO's last year in the cheapskate operation they set up in HEL. Many of my ex airBaltic colleagues went along ( & airB didn't pay the best for FO) & ended up telling them where to shove it when it transpired what was being offered was not a bona fida Norwegian contract , but instead some Estonian deal that was totally unrealistic in terms of living costs in HEL. I believe they attracted some new (desperate, zero houred) FO's & sourced Capt's via PARC.
Obvious that this method would continue/expand unabated, still, 3800 isn't too bad for RHS sitting in Malaga, take/enjoy, as it will surely get less as time goes on. They are paying Capt's a decent screw, but of course tax/accomodation/everything is down to you. A full-time Norwegian contract it ain't, but, as posted above, that is surely now on the WWF list of "endangered species".
Sad, & would like to think the Norwegian Pilots Union could stop it, but seriously doubt they can. Ryanair T's & C's here we go (bit by bit)
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