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The Ansett high speed descent consisted of a 340kts to twenty miles on the Airbus. It was 350kts on a 727 and, I assume, 320kts on 737 too.

A foreign pilot messed his high speed descent up, went over the threshold with flap still running and landed a good distance down the strip.

Because of this, AN management in its wisdom decided a second stage of flap must be out by 3000AGL. A few years later it was discovered Ansett Airbuses had the most worn flap tracks in the world.

Expensive repairs and a tale of two airline managments.

What has happend to speed management in the last few years? A skill that was expected of domestic pilots but it would seem many can't deliver.

Was 89 the beginning of the end? I understand there was a strict culture.

STARS and airline management?

Or QF Long haul pilots and 767s? Just kidding.

I understand VB has a gear out by 2000ft requirement to counter poor speed management. QF has the 250 below 5000.

A tale of two managements again, which the most prudent SOP?
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