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cargosales [quote]

Captain Charisma is joining Renault
Looks like Williams have stuffed it up yet again

Official: Kimi returns to F1 with Renault | Planet F1 | Formula One News

What is it with Williams that they either don't hold onto decent drivers or can't get them to sign on the line?

CS [quote]

Kimi probably met that c**t Adam Parr and decided he didn't want to drive for any team that employs that level of scumbag as a CEO or what ever title it holds....

Re the Senna steering column, speaking with someone who made some of them, when he questioned the shit design of the weld joints ( a butt weld, no rosettes, nothing ) the asshole who drew it told him to " piss off and make what I've drawn................"
The column design was flawed at conception.

In a later interview ( I think it was AN ) commented that, in hindsight, the overview
of component design was lacking in their design process at that time.
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