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yes, one of the operators was a bit dodgy, I deliberately included one, fishing for comments.

I will not divulge which one, but have first hand knowledge aquired by direct observation.

Do you have first hand knowledge as well, or anectdotal / third party bar talk.

CASA have a penchant for pursuing allegations of an anectdotal nature or from disgruntled ex employees of an operator.

Agreed that where there is smoke there is probably fire,
but careful investigation should establish whether hard evidence is available to prosecute.

I have no time for dodgy operators and hope that they will be encouraged to become compliant.
If not, prosecute them, not play with them via the AAT.

Do you disagree that misconduct by certain FOI's and Team Leaders occurs from time to time?

I have met and co existed with both professional and ethical FOI's, and regrettably with some of the rogue element.

The never to be published Venn report substantiates the existance of CASA misconduct in Nth Qld.

With the re emerging of misconduct in Nth Qld it is a management problem that is not being adequately addressed by the area manager.

Bruce Byron, to his credit, and after being made aware of unpalable facts, cleaned up that office.

Maybe its time to shine a light back into that hole?
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