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bit of thread drift here, the thrust of the original thread was essentially malicious and vindictive misconduct of the North Queensland Area Office.

Nothing new here, step back in time a few years, remember UZU Air, Cape York Airlines, Aero Tropics, Pacific Seaplanes, Midstate Airlines, etc.

Remember the reign of terror imposed by a little man with a moustache?

That particular misfit even bastardised three of his own FOI's,
one of whom was pushed over the top of his mental health limits and now remains a Comcare benefits recipient.

To appease the masses, Malleson Stephens Jaques QC / SC Skehill was commissioned, at a taxpayer cost of $84,000, to establish that there was no problem.

Regrettably, for CASA, a few months later it was found that the little man with the moustache had overstepped the mark.

He and some of his band of co conspirators were invited to seek opportunities outside of CASA, and left with Golden handshakes.

The Nuremburg defence was used by some of the guilty, "I was just following orders".

So the current crew of misfits did learn something from the past, simply,
misconduct is condoned at the highest levels and will never be punished.

If they do get caught out, no problems, golden parachutes are available.

Hence the situation perpetuates, as Quandrio found out.

Interesting that one of the cards from the Manual of Standards for Dirty Tricks was played,
i.e. CASA, to flex their muscles, invoke the "you must terminate bloggs and we will go easy on you".
This card has frequently been played in many regions.

And to cap it off, one of the ethics committee is none other than a person named and involved in the Polar Aviation bastardry.

Nothing will ever change until accountability and appropriate disciplinary or punitive action is introduced into CASA's Charter.

CASA, the Model Litigant proponent!
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