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Blame game...

Wallsofchina..No point in pointing the finger at the Dept of Transport and etc.

The abuse of process hasnt been done by them. They'll flick pass you right back to CASA, the perpetrator.
You might think that DoTR and Allbeentooeasee, the "minister", would be interested in having some direction and oversight of the roque authority... but you would be very wrong.

DoTR as far a this sort of issue goes is definitely a black hole, severely infected with administratium. Been there, done that and went nowhere.
CASA is a seperate planet and a law unto itself.

While the ombuds investigations can examine the whole disgusting episode, and agree with you that it is a disgusting episode, they can't order CASA to do anything: they can only recommend and CASA doesn't have to do sfa.
So that too, is a waste of time. Been there, done that as well.

Looks like only a court can order CASA to give the man his licence back, but thats a long and expensive ? route to follow.
And of course CASA, like a mangy rottweiller with a bone, will not give it up, and they have an unlimited taxpayer wallet to plunder for the fight.

Any legal minds out there that can advise on an efficient way to tackle this sort of problem.?
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