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Can it be bypassed? Was there another way open to J Quadrio to ask to have his licence reinstated after the DPP decided not to proceed.? Why does one have to ask the AAT?
A court order? or an application to a Fed. Magistrates court?

The AAT ... like so many things that get coughed up to do one thing, has morphed into something else. More like a kangaroo court or starchamber.. certainly not a proper court with rules of evidence, and decisions beyond reasonable doubt.
Justice (sic) must be done and seen to be done. That certainly hasnt occured in this event. Far from it.... a life sentence.! Its bullsh*t!

Quadrio wins the DPP battle but the AAT evens the score by letting CASA win the war. In a most disgraceful way.

WTF are this country's bureaucracies developing into??

"Public"service as a fascist state? Some serious changes are needed here.
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