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Im not really a frequent sight on the oggin, but I did sail with the British STA on the Malcolm Miller twice. This isnt a big story but still goes down as one of the funniest things Ive ever seen.

A few of us were standing up forward as were heading out of port for the first time. Moderate wind, light chop, a little motion on the ship. Up to now, everything but the bottom of the hull is desert dry.

One bloke hands his camera to another and says Take my picture, will you? as he steps backwards and leans up against the rail. For about 2 seconds, while the cameraman is sorting himself out, our hero is standing against the rail holding his smile when, completely out of nowhere, one tiny bit of wave, no more than about 3 bucketfuls, sneaks up the hull and throws itself right on top of our man. Nothing else got so much as a fine misting.

One second hes standing there fully dry, smiling, half a second later hes in the same position, drenched through and still smiling, drops of seawater now hanging on the ends of his eyelashes.

How that wave knew he was there in that spot at that time is still a mystery to me, but it nailed him with military precision, and no collateral soaking.
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