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Personally I would like to be handed a basic aeroplane, but that is probably because I am so old I can fly one.

Way back I attributed to DW (but he said 'not me') the concept of the AB software reverting to Direct Law on such a failure as 447 had. IF then crews know this, they can be (hopefully) given the training to actually fly a real aeroplane. If they were, for example, to need trim, as long as there is some way they can INPUT it themselves - as required - that's fine. I would not wish some *** (censored for DW's peace of mind) to decide to put it in for me. I would, after all, know I need it, because I am a pilot. I should then know I have done it (because I am a pilot) if it becomes troublesome, whereas it is more than possible that the unfortunate 447 PF had NO idea he had full nose up HS - as I think the PGF PF also did not. KISS?

I just cannot see the problem- computers go tits up - pilots get given a machine that will fly the old fashioned way - all the bells and whistles are absent - who cares? It's an emergency. We don't need them.
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