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Trim Stab
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I sometimes freelance on a private-ops CJ and we fly entirely paperless with iPad as our principal approach chart viewer and a laptop with Jeppesen Flitedeck as backup.

The iPad is much easier to use than a bundle of paper charts, whether in single-pilot or two pilot ops. It is as easy to read as papercharts in daylight, and easier at night. The "zoom" function makes reading and briefing small print on the charts easier than paper charts. In my view it is safer too - the iPad is always up to date, and is RELIABLY up to date because there is no chance that a crucial chart can be missing or out of date due to a carelessly performed paper update. I think that advantage outweighs the minscule risk of harware failure.

We also use the iPad to carry pfd copies of weather briefing and notams, using the excellent "save screen" feature.

I should add that, although we have Flitedeck on a laptop as backup, I would not fly with that programme as my primary chart viewer. It is appallingly clumsy, slow and difficult to use. I would prefer two iPads.

By contrast, when I fly CJ3 on EU-OPS with obligatory paperwork, CRM is made clumsier and slower by having to handle and store multiple bits of paper.

Here's a picture of the private CJ with our iPad MFD!

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