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Not a cop out at all, MOTN, a fair point and I suspect a correct one. It would be interesting to know though if they have ever been asked. Interrupting the Trooping for a "word from our sponsors" would be even worse than words from Dumblebum! So that leaves us with the Beeb I guess. I seem to remember that this year's Trooping offered those with Red Buttons the opportunity to press them to extinguish all commentary. Was this available today? I recorded it to watch later so wouldn't know, but hopefully if this becomes the norm it might offer a refuge for those like me allergic to the drivel that passes for commentary on such BBC Broadcasts, and in fairness to Dimbleby not only from him!
Oh and while I'm in rant mode (thanks OP!) why do they always cut away from the March Past before the Cadet Contingents go through? Some of the smartest troops on parade every year.
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