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Dimbleby seems to have got a lot of flak here, and for good reason. It is not so much the inaccuracies, numerous though they are, but rather the feeling that it doesn't really matter much if he doesn't get it right anyway, it's only the Forces after all! That underlying attitude permeates a lot of BBC coverage, of Remembrance, Trooping, Lord Mayor's Show, etc, etc. My question is why should it be the Beeb anyway? Why can't Sky or ITN cover these great National Parades as lead broadcaster for a change? If you've ever cut from the Beeb Trooping (and the endless talk of "special salutes" and so on) to Sky News's coverage you can hear the Massed Bands more clearly because, a. they are not turned down and b. because they don't continually talk over them. It is only a matter of time before HM herself gets a beeb mike in her face and asked, "How does it feel like to be here today, Your Majesty?" When I watch these events, unequalled elsewhere, I want to do just that, ie watch and listen. Perhaps those who hanker for the "Dimbleby touch" could get it via subtitles. The opportunities for even more howlers would then seem endless...
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