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Originally Posted by DozyWannabe
By attempting to force me into the debate on your terms, I think you'll find that it is you who is arguing like a politician. I've already stated numerous times that I don't want to go there again because we've already been there before - you *know* we've been there before, and because I've stated my position that I don't think it's relevant to this case I think it's only fair that is accepted.
Relevant or not is not my question.
I don't force you to anything - If you have nothing to argument you don't have to write that long either.

At least I'm not the only one to perceive what I would qualify also as intellectual dishonesty.
Originally Posted by Organfreak
I'm weighing-in in support of what airtren, Machinbird, and F4 have been trying to say. As a dispassionate observer, their views make the most sense to me, and I have no AB, FBW, or Boeing axe to grind. Suggestions that such contributors are prejudiced or "anti-AB" are simply paranoid, in my view. (See airtren's comment above.) Anyone unwilling to weigh ALL possible factors is not being intellectually honest, yeah you, DW!
Originally Posted by DW
Probably going to take a break for a while after this
I also think you need one.
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