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The reason I say this comes from my sim session, which taught me some things I didn't know - namely that when stalled, the tendency is for the aircraft to respond to aileron input with a roll in the *opposite* direction, and as such it is advisable to use the sidestick for pitch only and to control roll with gentle rudder, which took less than 30 seconds to explain (albeit several attempts for my lead feet to get right ) - but if we are to believe what the BEA is saying then this little bit of life-saving knowledge was something that these professional line pilots had never been told, or at least not recently.
I don't buy any A330 simulation of stall like you don't buy a cat in a bag
The real thing (full stalling) was never tested on the A330
This was not made cause certainly was taken in account the risk and money
So the choice was to not put in danger the life of a test crew and the risk to loss a frame .. but this imply to put the life at risk of the line crews and the passengers in case of a stall .. as the pilots don't know how the plane will really act at the eventual recovery manoeuvres
Very bad choice
It's really a big issue in the aircraft industry to not perform all the needed tests .. and this not only apply to the planes but also for the parts used
The life boats of the Ocean Ranger (drill rig) where tested many time by nice weather and all was good
When the tragedy was there .. the life boats were pushed by the wind against the columns of the rig .. were crushed even before touch water .. killing all people in
The design of survival gear was not good (location) for bad weather .. but this kind of situation was never tested
Heuristic ?

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