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Well, I'm not buying it. He was listening stall warning for 54 seconds and made not a comment about it, let alone done something.
1. People having no grasp of aerodynamics, instrument flying or aeroplane system making elaborate analysis of some technical detail.
And some people have very little grasp of the varied ways in which people gather and process information.

but if we are to believe what the BEA is saying then this little bit of life-saving knowledge was something that these professional line pilots had never been told, or at least not recently.
There have to be a whole lot of jet pilots who have never flown a swept wing jet at very high & at stalled AOA. They have been spending their lives avoiding just that situation.(Non-tactical flying)

A swept wing jet does not behave like a straight wing trainer at high AOA. The dihedral/roll effect from the swept wings is very powerful, particularly at high AOA.
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