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@ Zorin

Sorry if I did not my point clear.

- My main point is that even in "direct" law the elevator does not follow the stick inputs as most think. And I am also not sure that "gains" and rates for the ailerons are eliminated.

- I do not feel that the reversion sequence is clearly understood until one goes thru it many times and notes what's protected, what isn't and actually sees/feels the results of control inputs. My personal preference would be to have only one "alternate" law, then "direct" law, and the THS would require manual settings in both.

- The auto-trimming of the THS did not "help". The pilot would have had a harder time holding the AoA and pitch attitude if the THS had stayed where it was when air data went awry. So in that regard I DO THINK the computers got in the way.

Simply stated, I lay most of the fault with the crew but can not rule out contributions by some of the 'bus FBW and display/warning implementations.
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