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Thanks for the link, Retired F4.

Great. So you recognize that aeroplane was stalled yet keep on drumming on roll behaviour. For Finnegan's sake, can you picture A330 flying at 40 AoA with about 100 KTAS? Ugly, eh? Spoilers are blanketed by wing, rudder is blanketed by fuselage and ailerons don't have much say - going up they're in wings wake, going down makes a bit of difference but very low forward speed makes them not particularly efficient.

What the heck does sidestick have to do with behaviour of aeroplane that is at extreme AoA, beats me. Oh yes - there's a theory that with yoke somehow CM1 would recognize that CM2's control inputs do not have much effect on aeroplane so he would recognize that the aeroplane is stalled and that first and foremost is AoA reduction.

Well, I'm not buying it. He was listening stall warning for 54 seconds and made not a comment about it, let alone done something.

So far, I have found two fuel sources that keep this Hamsterwheel turning

1. People having no grasp of aerodynamics, instrument flying or aeroplane system making elaborate analysis of some technical detail. Not able to take subtle hints their theories are spectacularly flawed, they resort to personal attacks when told so in no uncertain terms.

2. People that have some idea how flying works, take out a detail out of whole picture then trying to reconstruct the whole scene just on that little detail. That their picture bears not much resemblance to original seems not to bother them much.
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