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Originally Posted by Old Carthusian View Post
I am afraid you misunderstand the situation - it is not about information transfer it is about information interpretation....... etc, etc...
Your reply to my post, the wrong references or repeats of my text, show that you donít see, canít see, or not want to see what I pointed out.

With the current location of the SS in the A330 cockpit, and lack of ability to have visual contact with it, it is not possible to a PNF and NF Captain to ascertain with good precision the SS position, and PF's actions on the SS. Several suggestions of resolving this without replacing the SS with a yoke were made even on this Forum Ė NO, it is not the use of instruments, which is wrong for reasons I will not repeat.

From a system architecture perspective, the cockpit is a critical system application, and in such an application having a virtual wall of secrecy around one of the main controls, like the A330's SS, is a NO-NO. Itís a NO-NO, as it is a NO-NO in the Control Center of a Nuclear Power Plant, or as it is in the Control Center of a large cargo ship, or a very large crane operated by a crew, to name a few. In all of those, there are instruments, like in the cockpit, but the controls are not hidden, from the crew present in the control center. As some A/C cockpits do not have this problem, the lack of consistency in the airline industry, may be favored by the lack of regulation in this respect.

The AF 447 accident was caused by the confluence of multiple factors, that span a wide spectrum, which include a few manufacturer problems, which are revealed only in such extreme cases, as the AF447.
While the information made public will be shaped to minimize public perception impact, itís likely every organization will do its best to address the problems, even if they are not spelled out straight forward in an official report. As far as the design goes, as I mentioned, new versions/generations will speak by themselves of the problems, and their solution.

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