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Originally Posted by CONF iture
... or 02:11:55 when the pitch is 10 deg below horizon ... where is the stick Old Carthusian ... !?
Right SS - full back, left SS - neutral. Do you understand why the aeroplane pitched down even with full back sidestick, full NU elevator and THS in heavy nose up position, increasing towards stop?

Originally Posted by Retired F4
In the case of AF447 at 02:12:45 the PNF and the captain had been both aware of the right bankangle and gave instructions to the PF to correct that bank as they could not observe any action of the PF to correct this bank on the instruments. In reality the PF was aware of the same fact and told them, that he already had full left SS without success. That information was vital as it showed, that correction with aileron alone did not work and helped the captain to refocus on solving the bank problem with rudder input. It took considerable time to unmask this information and it was not visible on any kind of instruments.
Do you understand why the crew had what you call "bank problem"?
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