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I believe CASA have more than the means to dispense justice with a fair hand, however they consistently demonstrate that they misuse the tools available to them, such as to have track proven they do indeed, understand the simple useable fact that a pilot's need for instant decision making can be used by them in any connived/ altered/ corrupt or contempt of Court hindsight, to prosecute their cause in an adversarial manner.

Only the Federal Family Court is more adversarial.

The “AAT” as a means of redress is a farce only eclipsed by “FAIR WORK AUSTRALIA” (without prejudice to either Qantas or The Unions), and it's my opinion that both are tainted with vested interests. Any complaint to your Minister will need to run the gauntlet of our Governor General who signs off on things as the Mother in Law of another Minister with more vested interests.

As for industry cohesion, I would suggest, and I have said many times, that CASA are only as strong as their opposition is weak. This is demonstrated daily as previously noted, of industry disunity, and until everyone sees/ believes /and advertises/ and annoys the poor bloody travelling public, the “FACT” that CASA are “INCOMPETENT” and their precious lives are being used as pawns in a “Yes Minister” comedy, (Greek tragedy), in the trial of the “HOLE IN THE GROUND” which their loved ones are trusting dead victims, nothing will be done regardless of Government in power. Seaview and Reg 206 to the square of 10 may get those headlines. (God forbid this happens).

The words “INCOMPETENT” and “I TOLD YOU SO” are words for the media that may bring about a change.

Fighting windmills by yourself is a waste of time.
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