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Con-pilot and I, among many others here have spent more time between the OM and the TDZ than you have airborne.

I work with two guys who have a completely authenticated 20,000 + hours; I know pipeline and check hauling pilots who have been logging 30+ hours a week since Carter was president. I flew 900+ hours a years for six years and know its not easy, but that is routine. The USMS is known throughout the USG for high flight hours; I flew a 1,000+ during Desert Storm and have guys knocking out 800 or more in the last ten years in C-5s. A pilot in my squadron finished his career with 13,000 hours of AF time, which is strictly take-off to touchdown, not block-to-block. There are literally thousands of pilots in the US who fly 800-1,000 hard hours a year.

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