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Over the past few years the PPRuNe safe harbor has been surreptitiously invaded by an unwelcome influx of malodorous flotsam. While there have always been a few odd ducks and bullheaded barnacles among us, this relatively recent tide has carried with it some real stinkers that have befouled our communal waters.

What is a besieged community to do? Weigh anchor, fan out, and sail into singular oblivion? Pray to King Neptune for a cleansing typhoon? Woe is us...

Wait, I think I may have a solution! A humble request of our wise and benevolent PPRuNe harbormaster to dredge out a new cove (in a predominantly windward location we beseech thee) and thereupon these sunny new waters laden with many fine and sturdy berths we can thusly endeavor to establish a private, members-only club in the classic tradition.*

Founding members should be limited to a group of those PPRuNers of mandatory minimum PPRuNe vintage. For added vessel variety and dockside spice, newer, charter member-sponsored candidates will be granted probationary access to be followed by rigorous review for possible semi-permanent inclusion.

*Classic Tradition: We shall not discriminate against race, color, religious creed, socio-economic standing, or questionable political affiliations, however we do reserve the right to refuse any new member showing signs of limited wit (of the humorous variety - rare bona fide boffins excepted), persons overly-sensitive to ridicule, those with a predisposition towards humorless rabble-rousing, and of course, any person or persons from the government claiming to be here to help.

Now on to the important stuff - what design shall we adopt for our fore pole burgees, finely embroidered pocket crests and drink-chip faces? Will the boiling of sprouts be permitted in the clubhouse galley? In which direction should the bagpiper face during the evening blow?
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