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"20,000 hours for a professional aviator can be had without even trying hard"

brian, i currently fly general aviation and we do about 400 hours a year airborne time. the rest is not free- they put you often in standby, real offtime is sometimes limited to minimum required - but its not flying hours.

previously i worked for an airline in scheduled operation and we scored in aviation boom times up to 800 hours a year , mostly in short and medium range missions and multiple legs. with the turnaround ground time between the legs , which in short legs was not much shorter than the flight by itself and the briefing before and paperwork after the day you had 11hours on duty which resulted in about 5 hours airborne time. to make 800-900 hours in a year you did this schedule ever day with rest at minimum what the law dictates.

i can really tell you that 900 hours in a year airborne time results in very little private life and everybody earning his money with flying an airplane for a company can confirm this.

beyond that many of the aircrafts mentioned as real experience here require a type rating, so for the training and rechecks of all this different types the day must really have more than 24 hours it seems.

but ok... so what ? we have here the honour to talk in this thread with aviators which in regards to total flying time and amount of aircraft flown clearly outperforms pilots like sullenberger or the polish 767 wheel up landing captain wrona ?

a google search says sullenberger had massive 19000hours scored in 30 years !!! at US airways and as a former military pilot he had a total of 40 years pilot time- which results in an average of 475 hours / year over his career. due to the fact that after military service he joined instantly airline operations he has of course no experience on lear jets, mu2, king airs etc.

wrona has 20 years 767 experience, and over 30 years total flying time resulting in impressive 13000 hours or an average of 433 hours/ year over his entire career. he of course joining LOT early also cannot say anything about learjets , kingairs and other ga aircraft since he like said spend his last 20 years to fly just one aircraft type ( 767) .

and i assume neither sullenberger nor wrona spends countless hours infront a computer writng thousands of postings in an open aviation forum.

think a minute about it brian...
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