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such threads seem always to drift, in fact at an anonymus forum like here you can claim yourself to be neil armstrong and nobody can prove for sure you are or you are not.

you can have multiple accounts so one nick can confirm the "realness" of another nick being one person...

well- aviation has many fans !

i have wrote earlier that i personally know very few +20000 hours pilots, none of them would spend hours for hours in a public anonymous forum and i know nobody with such a variety of aircraft flown .

simply because the market works not that way when you think about it. scoring that amount of hours means flying at an airline for decades. that also means that you are fixed to one or very few types of aircraft and do there your everyday business. so no way or time to switch between that amount of pistons, turboprops, GA jets, airliner jets etc etc.

but nevertheless its a great forum !
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