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Originally Posted by mgTF View Post
We have 2 iPad (chances both get broken are the same as you spill the coffee on both the charts sets)
As an IT director SLF, I don't mind when pilots tell me to butt out of flying topics, but when you're going to have a mindset like the above then I don't feel so bad about telling you you're wrong.

Ever hear of the Y2K bug? granted it didn't cause world catastrophe, but for the limited effects it did have, it DID affect multiple devices at the same time. Not a great example, because all i'm going to hear in reply is from those who heard about it via the media reports, but for those of us working the fixes it was a very real scenario.

IT kit used in a flight deck should be viewed in the same way as the meals IMHO. Different devices running different s/w. Also, having spent 9 years working alongside an anechoic chamber, EMI had better be tested, tested, and tested again.

Oh, and whilst you might think i'm barmy to have an opinion like that, i'm currently sat here (at 2am) restoring a small customer server from backups after BOTH it's RAID1 hard drives (of the same manufacturer) fried themselves simultaneously. n+1 isn't always the solution.
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