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Cheers for the responses.
AndoniP, I can empathise!
Modular is no doubt the only way for me as I have no lump sum to blow and I want to keep my job and my house. Now a sensible route would be to get my CPL and Instructor Rating and instruct whilst IT contracting before taking the MEIR plunge when the time suits.
Now Iím under no illusion that 250 odd hours + fATPL will open the doors to the flight deck of a Large operator's Boeing or Airbus, whether it be via modular or integrated training; but what caught my eye on this thread was that school partnership may improve one's prospects, as I have long wondered if spending a few extra thousand pounds on modular at OAA would be worth it over a cheaper course elsewhere.
Apart its consistent and defragmented nature, what sets integrated training above modular?
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