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I have to agree with Bealzebub.

I have spent the last year researching, preparing, studying, checking, double-checking, head scratching and then biting the bullet.

To repeat, there are no guarantees but there is an advantage getting on a recongised intigrated course with a reputable FTO.

I would also advise that you check who BA has partnered with.

Like you I have worked in a different career for the last decade and yes it is massive decision to make.

Make an informed decision by visiting and researching all your options.

Don't be put off by those who say it's impossible. They're the same people that wouldn't have made it in my previous profession too.

In my case I'm selling my home to fund this - but in 2 years time I might be unemployed but I won't be broke or burdened with 1k monthly repayments on a huge loan or mortgage. There are real stories of people becomign bankrupt from this. On the other hand I might be sponging off my girlfriend and watching a lot of day time TV.

By the way, I agree it's not about the money. I can make 400 a day at the moment. I know flying won't pay as well. Hell you can always go back to the day job and the 9 to 5 if it doesn't work out.

Find the right FTO!

Good luck!
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