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Hi Bealzebub,

Thanks for your comments. I understand and accept the reasoning for your suggestion.

So you believe the additional cost of an integrated course, which is almost triple the cost of the modular route (including TR), is a viable risk to take to for the relationship between an FTO and airline to have a higher chance of securing a position? I repeat for clarification as I dont have any experience or knowledge in the industry or how weighted the ties between FTOs and airlines are. Ive been led to believe that the relationship is one of recognition of training standards and that they consider applicants with this training more heavily than others but do not exclusively recruit from these FTOs.

Obviously I understand there are no guarantees but there are/must be ways of significantly mitigating risk and improving ones chances of securing a job.

However there are routes that if you are fortunate enough to be able to embark on, may well offer you significant advantages as regards the overall gamble.
Please explain!

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