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@HN39 - I must confess I'm a little confused. At approx 2:10:07, the pitch attitude trace registers nose-up in response to the initial pitch-up command from the sidestick. The aircraft is at normal cruising speed at this point, so the elevator deflection only needs to move very slightly to effect a significant result.

I thought we were taking about the later traces at 02:12:15 to 02:12:30, when the aircraft is stalled and the PF makes a 1-2s "blip" forward on the sidestick, whch triggers a very small deviation in the elevator trace, followed by the 2:12:31 to 2:12:45 traces where the stick spends most of it's time either neutral or forward, with the corresponding elevator movement, and the 02:13:45 to 02:14:00, where the PNF's inputs achieve the same thing.
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