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You have some ironclad conclusions. You are without doubt basing these on what you read here. What the Pilot did, and did not do, was undoubtedly based on what he made of his situation. It turned out badly.

For you to extrapolate beyond that makes you one who parrots what is readily available here, in great quantity.

Oddly, someone as yourself might easily take the opposite tack. I don't presume to know how what happened, happened. I think you do. Is there an explanation for what the PF did? Without doubt. I am baffled. As you are not, I defer to your report of the accident.

What you see as fabrication I present as "what ifs". If you do not suss the difference, no harm, no foul.

Don't choose fish.

What some here do not get, is that this a/c is a known quantity, and has a diary that shows what she did and did not do. The pilots are human, and have to pay for their individuality in knee jerk condemnation because the BUS has a pedigree, a huge fan base, and has her own recorders to cement her reputation. The interpreters of said recorders are her friends.
The pilots are "unquantifiable", to some extent, and that looms large when one's jury is engineers who reject a challenge to their sense of the World as it "is". What bonus, advantage, or future consideration is worth the open mind? None, as they see it.

Human factors are not the same, and instantly put dead men on the defensive.

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