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Originally Posted by DozyWannabe
Nothing of the sort - Capt. Burkill himself says that all he did was raise the flaps while his F/O tried to keep the aircraft as on track as he could - no "oversteering", no disabling of the protections.
Knowing what we now know after the Hudson NTSB report, there is a good chance a 330 would have hit the road, fence, loc antenna for refusing to the pilot the possibility to reach Alpha Max.

Originally Posted by ChristiaanJ
But, wasn't there a suggestion, early in one of the earliest threads, that AB pilots are 'not encouraged' to use manual trim (except after full reversion to "mechanical")?
  • It is not trained or 'encouraged' to use manual trim in Normal or Alternate Law.
  • Manual trim is used in Direct Law, and trained for.
  • Manual trim and thrust are the only way to 'control' pitch in Mechanical Backup, and 'trained' for.
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