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Emergency Action

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I fail to understand how none of the pilots recognised (or mentioned anyway), that the plane was stalling. As far as I know the vertical speed/altimeters and attitude indicators were functioning correctly. Once the plane was in a rapid descent despite the fact the nose was pitched up, I'm sure most trainee pilots or even aviation enthusiasts could tell you the aircraft had stalled.
A close reading of the thousands of posts shows that, apparently, there would have been little or no sensation of falling. Having said that, had I been on board, I would have "stormed the cockpit." (Yeah, right, buddy!)

It's clear to me, after having read everyone's input here, that there is a fundamental difference between 'A and B,' and that difference amounts to: to fly B, you need to be a thoroughly-trained pro. To fly A, you don't need to be unless the poop hits the fan. And so, they all died. So far, without complete information, there will be plenty of blame to go all around.
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