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Slightly O/T, I admit. Just to close this O/T subject.

Originally Posted by Octane View Post
I believe ChritiaanJ is an ex Concorde pilot, he would know.........
I wish...

No, I was a flight test support engineer for the Concorde AFCS in the earliest days, and I got drawn back into the 'Concorde world' after the 2000 crash... like many, I asked myself "what did we do wrong, for this to happen?"

The Concorde 'barrel rolls' may sound like an 'urban legend', but they've been confirmed by enough truly reliable witnesses....

And no, I didn't get the impression that Jean Franchi had "formal" permission from the Flight Test Director at Toulouse (Turcat) for each of his barrel rolls.....
It could be done... and he did it.

PS, strictly for the MS FlightSim pilots on here.... (no, I'm not one, although I tried to help out with some of the system issues for the Concorde 'add-ons'): you can 'barrel roll' Concorde quite realistically.
But AFAIK, nobody has ever 'looped' a Concorde (as in the movie), even in FS, and even less in the real world.

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