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I have a very basic general aviation question. In my limited unusual attitude training the "golden rule" was to unload the airframe and "step on the sky" and then adjust pitch and power as needed. I am still at a complete lose to understand the PF's initial actions here.

I am also somewhat confused about how the AB functions. My understanding is (please correct if wrong) is that the AB retains the last input if you release the stick...it would seem that this robs the pilot of a very important tool in unusual attitude recovery. I realize that technically the 330 was not in an unusual attitude at AP disconnect...however in the conditions the PF did not really know his attitude at that moment.

I find myself constantly amazed at the proportion of professional pilots who seem to feel the need to defend such a basic lapse in airmanship. This is not
a failed attempt to resolve a mechanically induced event. From every indication the PF flew the airplane into a stall (no "autozoom").

Once in the stall I cannot fathom that at no time was the airframe unloaded or did the pilot give any indication he was actually responding with any meaningful intent to explore his flight envelope.
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