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Can I state the obvious here and ask how do we know this was from the CVR?

You have the French government investigating a French airline crashing a French Aeroplane. The French have much to lose if it is proven there is some design flaw in the A330. Saying that they're not releasing the CVR then releasing some part that makes the pilot's look like fools raises my suspicions. There were also some convenient leaks to Bloomberg that pointed the finger at the pilots earlier in the investigation.

So how about we get to listen to the ACTUAL CVR with all the bells whistles and God knows what else before we pass judgement.

It is quite possible that the pilots made a mess of the whole situation but without hearing the entire CVR I for one am not buying the current story. To many things have fallen into place for Air France and Airbus for my liking without releasing the CVR for public consumption.
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