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A true aviator flying a normal aircraft uses touch and sight.
Oh, I didn't know. So in your opinion all fighter pilots nowadays are no true aviators anymore... - gives me comfort when I share my cockpit with them (I can promise you, they still are). I never understood the "tactile feedback concept" on modern airliners since you are not getting feedback at all but working against springs and hydraulic units. Let alone these clumsy scratching autothrottles that are never completly aligned and where you spend most of your brain capacity to figure out how to put them in the position you want them (and they move again away from there).

No let me tell you, a true aviator is the one that understands that every aircraft is a true aircraft, that you have to handle her gently, moderatly, sensibly, intelligently and foresightedly. You can bring down every aircraft if you want to, be it an A300 American Airlines over NY 2001 with weired rudder input, or forgetting moving throttles like Turkish in Amsterdam. It's not easy, but you can do it. If you are no true aviator. They are spread over A and B about evenly...

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