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Originally Posted by dani
3) you are right that there are no different "laws" on a B. But you don't have to know in which law you are in in an Airbus to handle the aircraft correctly. That's why you never find a word of "law" in your Airbus checklists. It's - from a practical stand point - irrelevant. Just fly the aircraft as if it would be a normal aircraft, and you will do the correct thing - in any law.
You can't "fly the aircraft as if it would be a normal aircraft". It isn't a normal aircraft and doesn't fly like one. It auto trims and gives no tactile feedback. A true aviator flying a normal aircraft uses touch and sight. The Airbus takes touch out of the equation, which effectively forces the pilots eyes to be the only sensor.

To bring this back to the topic, CVR shows that the AF447 crew, three trained and experienced pilots, was confused by what they saw and acted improperly. We, the aviation community, need to understand why they failed to recognize their condition. Continually claiming that the aircraft is just another aircraft diverts attention away from the effort to understand why they were confused to the point of death.
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