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Hi HN39
Did he do that?
No he didn't.
He injected a couple of small nose down inputs on the way to the stall, then once he was stalled he continued to assist the aircraft, which was attempting to hold the requested 15 nose up, with the use of full back stick.

Hi Dani,
Just fly the aircraft as if it would be a normal aircraft, and you will do the correct thing - in any law.
I wish that were true. Have a look at QRH 1.26 Windshear. It mentions the use of Full Back Stick twice on that page. A conventional aircraft would mention "respect the stick shaker". There is a different mind set to flying the AB.

Hi fireflybob,
What stall training did these pilots have when they were training to be commercial pilots?
I don't know what AF pilots had, but the only aircraft I've stalled is a Piper Cherokee when I was training and a TriStar during an air test. I've been to the stick shaker in the simulator in previous aircraft types and then recovered.

In the simulator I've had the demonstration that's it's impossible to stall an AB in Normal Law no matter what stupid inputs I was invited to make (like full back stick) at very low speeds.
Our new simulator package now includes Alt Law at FL 350, reduce speed to the "Stall" warning and recovery.

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