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Ah well, I might as well join in since the thread has lost its direction and is now 'AF447-xx'.

Originally Posted by studi
in a Boeing, if the PF would pull the plane violently to 15 pitch and keep it there, they would also crash.
- this is, of course, absolutely correct. However when trying to draw a rather simplistic comparison to a different a/c in the same situation, I think that in order to keep a balance it is important to ask (NB for 'Boeing' read 'different type') :-

1) Would a 'Boeing' trim the tailplane fully nose-up all on its own in the same situation? (NB talking manual input now, not A/P)

2) Would a 'Boeing' cease a stall warning in the same situation?

3) Is the 'transition' between one set of control laws in a 'Boeing' with degraded IAS inputs as complicated as with the 330?

4) Would the instrument displays in a 'Boeing' degrade the same way?

5) Would the 'Boeing' physical 'stick shaker' acting over the same period have more or less impact on PF than a voice warning?

6) Would the 'Boeing' stick displacement give a clearer indication of control input to another pilot?

I believe 1, 3 and 4 are 'NO', 5 and 6 'YES' and I don't know about 2 but I suspect not.
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