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Autotrim, stall warning design, ergonomics, etc. might be contributing, but at the end the only plane which would prevent you from such bad pilots inputs is actually an Airbus in Normal Law! Funny, isn't it, when you read most contributions here from non-Airbus pilots.
I commend you and some other Airbus pilots writing here for your displayed and porttraied knowledge and thus utmost confidence in this system.
If every Airbus pilot would display the same, encompassing your faith in the system, we would maybe not be debating.

I just want to inject that, as I understand, AF447 was no longer in Normal Law!

And it's right there where the problem starts.

citing TTex600

Which is why I say that the Airbus requires a masters level of learning when things go abnormal.
The very central questions now are:

Do we want this?
Do the SLF want this?
Is such a sophistication necessary, in view that another FBW product, less complicated, has even a better safety record?
Do we get enough capable people to be sufficiently trained for a more complicated flying?

Any pilot blessed with common aviatic sense would have to say no to all.
The KISS principle is still one of the basics for commercial aviation.

Glorifying the system and blaming the pilots who supposedly were just not mastering it won't help eradicate the facts pointing at multiple factors.
It will simply stay around and continue to haunt you, as long as no improvements are made.

And that wisdom does not originate from aviation, but from psychology.
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