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Alley Oops,

To this day, I am not 100% confident that had I been in the Af447 cockpit that night that I could have recovered before we hit water; sorry I am just an average pilot who happened to be a TRE!
Oh goodness, speaking as one (non-AB) IRE/TRE to another, I cannot believe that your reaction to an unreliable ASI and A/P disconnect would be to pull the stick back to the stops and attempt Trans-Lunar-Injection.

I further cannot believe that any pilot would sit like a dummy for several minutes with the stick hard back, the ASI on zero, the VSI off the clock, and the altitude unwinding rapidly.

Further, I cannot understand a captain swanning off on rest just as his aircraft is about to transit the ITCZ. There is no way I would ever have done that, even with experienced F/Os.
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