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alexd10, the book doesn't contain a "full" transcription.
=> BEA is right to describe it as "a part of a literal transcription of the Cockpit Voice Recorder".

The book is not a "revolution" in my opinion, but come with some indications. Note that the BEA is right when it wrote:
"This transcription mentions personal conversations between the crew members that have no bearing on the event, which shows a lack of respect for the memory of the late crew members."
Indeed, most of the "new" elements of the transcription in the book are more or less personal and/or not related to the flight.

But, in the same time, the BEA forgot (?) to publish (or delayed it until the final report?) some parts of the CVR which are, from what I understand, relevant to the flight. The most striking example:
02:11:45.5 (PF) On perd le contrôle de l'avion, là
02:11:46.7 (PNF) On a totalement perdu le contrôle de l'avion... On comprend rien... On a tout tenté...
[edit] translation to english, I just tried with google and it's not so good, so here we go for non-french readers:
(PF) We are loosing the control of the aircraft, here
(PNF) We have totally lost the control of the aircraft ... We understand nothing ... We tried everything
=> This is not present in the BEA's report.
=> This is what the two F/O said to their captain when he came back...

On the other hand, nothing appears in the transcription in the book from 02:10:15.9 to 02:10:27.
I.e. it's missing the "Alternalte law Protections (lost?)" from the PNF at 02:10:22, which is present in the report from the BEA.

I think Otelli had access to a different version of the transcription (a previous draft, perhaps?) while the BEA has total access, of course, but choose not to publish it in extenso (for the moment, at last).

Overall, the book shows two things:
- A crew may be more "relaxed" he ought to have been to fly in the ITCZ (prior problems)
- A crew that does "not understand" the situation, and whose actions are beyond logic or procedure ... This is best shown in the book that the report of the BEA.

That's after a quick (and uncomplete) reading.

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