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It's not my problem mate ... I am not one of the ones that complains and complains and does nothing ... I walked out of QR last year and it was the BEST THING I EVER DID. I have nothing to lose or gain by telling it exactly like it is. And trust me I also speak from experience. It's probably not even your fault because being a Gulf local, you don't even see most of it.

The QR roster IS a lot worse than other airlines. Not for you, because you're Arab. So when one of the special ones calls the mafia and says I want to go GVA this week, and they look through the roster to see who to take the flight from, and replace it with another night KTM, they won't choose your name because it's Arabic, they will look for a name of someone called Jose or Manuel.

When you walk into the QR towers to get something done, all the lazy useless paper shufflers in there will actually sit up straight and try to help you because they see you are in national dress and they are scared you can get them fired if they ignore you, like they do to everyone else. When you cross the C-ring roundabout on the way to work every day, you won't get nearly killed by some idiot in a white landcruiser, because he will see another one who looks like him driving and will not try to push you out the way. The guys at the mall won't stare at your wife like a piece of meat. The kids at the playground won't push your kids. There are a million little reasons why your life is different to most of the other expats in QR. If you can't see that, then I am sure the other people reading the forum can figure it out for themselves.

The bottom line for a person coming from a non- Gulf or subcontinent country is : the management is 100% crazy, the roster IS terrible, the resignation rate is very high, the morale is very low, the compulsory company-provided accommodation is a disgrace, the constant fatigue is like a slow death, the traffic is lethal, the heat and the lack of interesting things to do will make your family go crazy also.

I agree with you GCC, there are some people on this board who have been complaining and crying and doing nothing about it for years, I'm not one of those and I have no sympathy for them. When I had enough, I left. I am only telling it like I see it.

I can tell you one other thing, I have met plenty of ex QR guys all over Asia now that I'm out here, and we always have a good laugh about how crazy that place was, and how our life is now, we would never go back in a million years.

It is a real shame, because QR "could" be the best job in the world if they would just sort out the lifestyle problems. Good aircraft, secure job, no taxes, some nice destinations (although many people will never get to go to them), all those things are true. But as long as they make it such a hell for the employees, why should you even bother even putting yourself through all that stress? There are soooo many better jobs out in the world now.
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