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Me being Kuwaiti is VERY irrelevant.
Sure I didn't have to get used to the Gulf, and the way things work around here, but all of that comes with a matter of time for pretty much any expat as well.
I have LOTS of expat friends here, who would not leave Doha, or Qatar Airways for any other airline.
They all love it out here.
The only one thing I agree with, is that Doha in itself is quiet boring.

Money: Not so bad at all.
Could be a lot worse, and the few that offer more in the Middle East, offer just a LITTLE bit more.
It's not worth giving up the advancement you can get in QR, for that little bit of increase in salary.

Management: Every airline has problems with management.
Yes QR's a little worse than a lot of other places, but nothing that makes a huge difference to me, or anybody else I know.

Routes: Do you even work for QR?
Have a look at the 320 rosters.
No good layovers?
Find me a better 320 roster anywhere in the Middle East.
Compare it with EY's if you want.

Rosters: EVERY narrow body almost anywhere in the world is hectic.
It's NOTHING new.
If you're coming in the Middle East, I can ASSURE that QR has the best in this region.
I speak out of experience.

A smart guy, who is on the narrow body right now, that wants to advance, gain good experience, get GOOD money, WILL make the choice of QR.
1000s of pilots in QR, and it's ALWAYS the same ones that complain here on PPRuNe.

Problem is your attitude, NOT QR.
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