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He didn't even mention advancement ... he asked about
Money,management,routes, roosters
So lets look at them in turn ...

QR money - below average, has historically lagged behind the other Gulf carriers when you consider no pension.
QR management - absolutely psychotic, probably not just the worst in the Gulf but in the entire world.
QR routes - on the A320, pretty much nothing but Gulf and subcontinent, virtually no good layovers unless you are one of the special ones paying for SEZ or GVA
QR roosters - no roosters that I've seen although there are some pretty big TURKEYS in the training dept. Seriously, QR rosters are the worst unless you're paying the rostering guys or part of the Indian mafia, then you get multiple consecutive subcontinent night turnrounds with min rest is about your lot.

Considering also the relentlessly brutal reporting culture where you can be terminated for any small offense not even flying related, considering the terrible staff travel, the way they are cancelling leave with no explanation or apology, the fickle and harsh upgrade and fleet transfer policy which is totally at the mercy of the crazy CEO, the appallingly bad accommodation, and the fact that Doha is a complete and total dump.

You are right about one thing though GCC, is when you tell CAP_B767 that it is a very easy choice to make, and it's NOT QR!!

(GCC is a Kuwaiti by the way, so his experience of Doha is very far from the average experience that a non-arab expat will find).
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