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Please please PLEASE read this thread from page 1 to page 11! And then please read the thread Maun season 2010 - 2011 from page 1 to 11! And then read it again...there is no reasonable question that has not being answered by lilflyboy! The guy is even giving you updates on the hiring situation! Would you like to be spoonfed and offered a job and a cosy little house on the river??

THEN...NOBODY KNOWS if/when/how/why people will get hired! One thing is for certain, if you dont go you have 0% chance! THAT is the only certainty...unless of course you have a ridiculous amount of hours etc. Enough about cracks or what is happening or how will the hiring go! That is by far the most frustrating question a person can ask on this topic! You must have realised that Maun is not Europe and there are no rules as to when/who/how/why people are hired. Surely this is the last time this has to be pointed out....if you looking for reassurance well sorry there is none! (we are all big people now)

@ DARKROOMSOURCE I feel your pain and I cant help but give my opinion on this matter!

Go, dont go but either way I dont think you will regret making the trip even if you dont get a job! It is a great time and you meet some great people and learn to be independant and do things for yourself...for once! It gives an unshielded view on REALITY! Something most fresh comm (including myself) had no idea about...

I wish everybody the best of luck but please stop posting stupid repetitive questions.
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