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Backtothemoon you can set the parameter as you like it in accodance with the Manufacturers threshould to inspect after a hard landing.

Usualy the operator has a lower threshould at his QAR-FOQA as the Airplane is testet / certified for.

There are certain Operators around the World who exceeded the test flight values and still made it. I remember a 4.3 G-Landing on a F100, 440KTS IAS in a B744, a dented A330 who´s EICAM was full and still made it to destination after the Crew flew thru a CB short after take off.

So the MAX is not the MAX, it is a guideline. Unfortunatly the Asian Culture is asking for punishment and not for education. That is, of course, not written anywhere, You should know it despite the smile in the face, that is to make you die sweet.

I have a long lasting expirience in the "Oriental" Culture, 15 Years inclusive middle East. After a while you know how to hide when the firing squad is out. Fortunatly I am distant since a month now. Taking some time out and then back in the saddle.

Fly safe and land happy

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